Noteworthy band changes


Members of marching band perform during the first home football game of the season against East Chicago Central. The first home game was held on Friday, Aug. 28. Photo by: Sofia Hay

Liz Bustamante

With the upbringing of our improved school, many specific programs, including band, were directly affected by the change. Students this year get to experience the numerous upgrades that have been given to the band program.  

“The band program has really taken a step up this year. Not only do we have the new facilities, but we have new rules because we are more disciplined. The band room is three times the size as it was last year. There’s a new locker room — a plain storage room for just our instruments, which is really cool since in the old building the lockers used to be in the band room, and it was very crowded. We have a new practice field, which is actually the full width of a football field,” Alexa Adams (12) said.  

In previous years, the location of the band room was in the Freshman Center. Currently the band program has its own wing, conveniently positioned by the practice field and recently opened for the new school year. 

“I think it’s actually a really nice location the way they have our practice field set up because the practice field is literally right through the doors of the band room, and if we wanted to go rehearse on the actual stadium field then it’s not too far, so everything is within a good proximity. The football field is a lot closer than it was in years past because the old band room was by the Freshman Center, so we would have to walk like half of a mile,” Haley Skinta (12) said.  

The modernized band room has been a beneficial upgrade to the program, but at the same time many band members cannot help but reminisce about the old band room.    

“I’m kind of nostalgic about the old band room. You have so many memories, especially for seniors you build up four years worth of memories in the old place. Having our last year in a new area is a little weird, but at the same time it’s really nice,” Abigail Keith (12) said.