Expanding educational environment


The Freshmen Center used to be home to the Main Office. Now, the new Main Office, along with the Guidance Office, is located in the new part of the school where parents can drop off students.

Ashley Kralik, Author

The new school has expanded exponentially with the addition of new classrooms and the reconstruction of the sports stadiums. With school back in session, students are navigating their way through the new and improved Lake Central.

“My first reaction to the new school was ‘I’m going to get lost.’ I didn’t know what it looked like before the new additions, but it looked enormous from the outside. Since this is my first year here, I didn’t know what to really expect,” Sarah Kralik (9) said.

Some new additions include the new academic wing, which stands three stories tall and includes a 50-meter competition swimming pool and locker rooms, fine arts area, 1,000-seat auditorium, large media center, gym, wrestling room, administrative offices and about 100 classrooms.

With several more additions throughout the school, mixed reactions come from all students.

“Considering how many changes there were since my freshman year, it’s crazy to see how big the school is now,” Gia Tjortjis (11) said.