A dream ignited


James McIntire (12) races cars for fun. McIntire fixed up his car so he could race it at Illiana Motor Speedway. Photo submitted by: James McIntire.

Austin Sandoval, Author

James McIntire (12) has recently ignited his dream of racing at Illiana Motor Speedway, located in Schererville, Ind. on U.S. Route. 30.

“I think I’m on my fourth or fifth week now. It’s a lot of fun,” McIntire (12) said.

Even though McIntire’s intentions are just to race for the pure joy of it, he wins money for placing in the top three positions.

“If you come in first, it’s $30, second I think it’s $20, and third like $15 bucks,” McIntire said.

McIntire has wanted race cars at the Illiana Speedway for quite a while.

“I’ve wanted to do it since I was 13. I race a ‘91 Subaru Legacy.  It has an automatic transmission, which isn’t the best for racing, but I’m making due of what I have on a budget,” McIntire said.

It can get intense on the race track.

“You have people flying off the track and getting mad.  [The feature is] the big race at the end. Its a little scary because you have 25 cars all trying to get to the finish line and there’s not enough room for everybody,”  McIntire said.

McIntire loves the environment of the track and continues to learn more and more about racing.

“I like going fast, and the people there are awesome. Everybody’s really nice, they want to help you out, they want to teach you how to make your car faster and how to handle better in it.  Those guys are so cool,” McIntire said.