Not your average cup of joe


SIP Artisan Cafe, located in the Crown Point Square, is a popular hangout for students who are looking for a relaxing place to spend time with friends or work on homework. SIP has offered a unique experience for customers, including the numerous works of local artists for sale.

Sarah Bredar, Author

Students are always looking for places to hang out at after school, and many gravitate toward coffee shops and cafes. Although most students tend to stay near the high school campus, a few travel to SIP Artisan Cafe, located in the Crown Point Square.

“They serve a variety of teas, coffees, smoothies, salads, sandwiches, breakfast foods and small desserts. A few of my friends brought me there one day on the weekend to go and get some coffee,” Samantha Bredar (10) said.

SIP offers a unique experience to its customers, including a tranquil, artistic atmosphere. The walls inside of the cafe are covered in artwork produced by local artists. Customers can purchase this art and not only support the business, but the artists as well.

“The art is really cool. I enjoy looking at art. There’s a ton of different artists in one area, so it’s like an art gallery. It’s [a] quiet and very calm environment, so if I get frustrated with math, I can just look up at all the paintings and be like ‘Yeah, life is good,’” Katelyn Rusiniak (10) said.