All backed up


The Red and Blue student parking lots are crowded during the school day. Students have driven to school early in the morning to try and get a good parking spot.

Parker Danner

For this school year, an additional parking lot has been set in place.  It’s separated into three different lots: Blue, Red, and Green. In the past, obtaining a parking pass was difficult, but now, every student who applied for a pass received one. Over 500 students are able to drive to and from Lake Central every day, rather than using bus transportation.

“It’s just chaotic trying to leave here at the end of the day when you have a million people trying to leave at the same time,” Anthony Dye (12) said.    

However, the new lot also comes with drawbacks. With the huge influx of student drivers, it can take students 20 minutes just to leave the parking lot.

“[We need] more crossing guards [and] more staff members. The fact that everyone is trying to cut each other off [is dangerous], and my friends car was actually totaled within the first three days of school,” Dye said.