JV girls soccer triumphs over Andrean


Gilian Suroviak (10) steals the ball from the Andrean player. The score was 2-0 with Lake Central in the lead.

Rhea Chhokar

Overcoming the wet field, the JV girls soccer team defeated Andrean with a score of 3-0. Due to the team’s ability to communicate effectively, Andrean was unable to score.

“I think [the game] went well. I think that we connected really good, and we did a lot of plays that you’re suppose to do as a soccer player. It went smoothly,” Meghan Teumer (11) said.

Within the first few minutes of the second half, the score was already 3-0. Goals were made by Madeline Jurek (11), Abigail Meseberg (10) and Alexis Munoz (10).

“There’s always pressure to win. You always want to do the best you can and what you are trained to do,” Teumer said.

The pressure to win can cause stress for some players on the team, but the team realizes that winning is not everything.

“I try to keep the mood light and try and keep them happy. We have fun because that’s what it’s all about,” Assistant Coach Vince Pucci said.