Stressing about SATs


300 dpi Wes Bausmith illustration related to the SAT tests. (Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Emily Rey

A recent report of SAT scores states that scores of graduating students have continually decreased in the past decades. The scores for the class of 2015 were estimated to be the lowest in ten years, worrying many people.

“The fact that SAT scores are lower worries me because I wonder if that trend will affect me and my scores when I take it,” Eva Kimberly (12) said.

Teachers, students and parents alike are wondering why the scores keep decreasing at a constant rate.

“I would guess that they’ve been decreasing because expectations on how much students should know is increasing,” Cole Reynolds (12) said.

Even though studies show that students are doing worse, it is just a statistic. Lake Central is an above average school for academics, and the education students receive propels them to get better scores on standardized tests. If students study, work hard and stay focused, there is no reason to follow the statistic.

You can still sign up for the SAT on Saturday, Oct.3. The late deadline is Tuesday, Sept. 22.