Indians guard the yard against Bulldogs


Joshua Benson (11) dives to secure possession of the ball. He beat his Crown Point opponents to the ball.

Cassidy Niewiadomski, Author

Last year when the varsity football team went into the game against Crown Point, the Bulldogs were undefeated, but that was not the case on Friday, Sept. 11. The Indians defeated the Bulldogs 21-7, continuing their opponent’s losing streak.

“As for playing a big rival, it’s always exciting to compete and show what we can do against them. We really represent the school on Friday nights, so it’s always good to go out there and get a win [and] have everyone support us,” Jackson Long (11) said.

Crown Point finally scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game, a scoreless one for the Indians, who consistently put seven points on the board in each of the first three quarters.

“It was just a good play by them basically. I think [Shane McCormick (11)] got over where we had a little bit of a gap in our coverage. The throw was small, but he somehow made the catch. It was a good play for him. It never feels good when someone scores on you, but I think we recovered pretty well from it. We’re just going to keep doing what we do to the best of our ability,” Long said.