Strack and Van Til vamps up Schererville store


Stracks customers shop for fresh produce. The newly renovated store has increased their variety in organic produce.

Nicole Milaszewski

The Strack and Van Til in Schererville has been given a major facelift. The store now not only displays a new variety of fresh and organic groceries, but ready to eat products as well.

They have all these different stations of not just groceries but food that you can eat on the go or they’ll cook for you. I thinks that’s cool to go grocery shopping but you don’t just have to buy groceries,” Rachel Gross (12) said.

While the exterior of the building remained for the most part the same, the inside has been given a transformed, urban feel.

“I think it was kind of confusing to find everything at first, but it’s really nice when you know where things are,” William Kruzan (11) said.

The extensive 18-week renovation, while still keeping the store doors open, did not come free of  cost. According to the Northwest Indiana Times the store had a five million dollar price tage, which some customers notice on their grocery bill.

“Since it’s so nice and it took so much remodeling and work now all the food is more expensive to help pay for that and the construction. That’s kind of annoying,” Stephanie Spigolon (12) said.

Updating the store will help with new competition. With corporate stores such as Target and Walmart now stocking groceries and the arrival of Whole Foods down the street, the local business is trying to keep up.

“Honestly I think the new Strack’s will stay really busy because they have a lot of loyal customers who like the fact that it’s a local grocery store run by a local family. It definitely attracts a crowd of people over Whole Foods. I like Strack’s better. I’m a loyal customer,” Gross said.