New offices bring excitement to administrators


Mrs. Lori Olson, receptionist, types at her computer in her new office space. All of the administrators have moved from the Administration Building into the high school over the past week.

Jessica Cook, Author

Over the past week, administrators have been moving from the Administration Building, located near the soccer fields, into the new Freshman Center offices.

“The transition was pretty easy. We were over here in the new offices and working within a hour. Tech came and got our stuff at lunch, hooked us up here, and we were good to go,” Mrs. Cathie Romba, corporation treasure, said.

With the offices now being inside of the high school, administrators are able to have a unique working environment that they may not have had before.

“We get to see kids every once in a while, which is a highlight to my day. We also get to see outside and the weather because, in the old offices, it was dark and we didn’t have many windows. It’s nice to be in a open area because we were all crowded in the old offices and it was very uncomfortable,” Mrs. Lori Olson, receptionist, said.

Many benefits come along with moving into the high school, including having a tighter network of communication.

“The biggest benefit is that it’s more convenient and accessible. I think a lot of us like being attached to the high school instead of being in a separate building. It was [a] much needed [change],” Mrs. Olson said.