Q&A: Paul Centanni (12)


Paul Centanni (12) gets ready to start a play. Centanni has played center for the football team, while he has tackled the role of Sports Editor for Lake Central Television. Photo by: Sofia Hay

Stephanie O'Drobinak

Q: What is your favorite part about being one of the Co-Sports Editors on LCTV?

A: Being Sports Editor is a tough position. You just have to work hard at what you’re doing and make sure you’re on top of everything. My job is so many things on top of one.

Q: What do you do prior to filming to prepare?

A: Me and Max [Barnhart (12)] have to get the script prepared the night before. Then, [we] come in and get it done and have fun.

Q: How do you juggle your schedule?

A: [For] me, going through my senior schedule is tough, but first semester I have all my easy classes.

Q: How do you balance your leadership position in football with your leadership position on LCTV?

A: Being a leader in both things [is difficult], you [have] to have composure and you have to have great leadership. You have to follow everything [the] coach [,or teacher,] says.

Q: What is the easiest part and the hardest part about balancing your schedule?

A: [The] easiest part is having some fun enjoying classes that people enjoy. The hard part is taking mandatory classes and keep[ing] my grades up.

Q: What is your favorite part about being involved in football?

A: Just being with my teammates and playing the sport I love.

Q: Do you ever get overwhelmed with your extracurriculars?

A: [I get overwhelmed] all the time. Extracurriculars are hard and you have to balance them out.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get involved with LCTV or Football?

A: For football, play every game like it is your last. There are some people that wish to be in your shoes again.

Q: What have you learned with being involved in LCTV and Football?

A: [I am] learning to make smart decisions and being a lot more helpful with learning things.

Q: What have these activities taught you about yourself?

A: [LCTV and football taught me] that I am a person that can work hard at something that challenges me. I really have broken out from where I was a couple years ago.

Q: Why do you like LCTV and football so much?

A: [LCTV and football] are both fun. I like football over LCTV because that is where my happy place is. I can have fun playing an awesome sport.