Deemed DAC champions


Cami Wallace, Author

Beating Merrillville 8-0, the girls varsity soccer team ended its season on a high note, earning the title DAC champions on Sept. 29. Along with the last game of the conference season, the girls held their Senior Night.

“Walking out onto the field with my parents, I was really excited because I have waited all four years for this Senior Night. I saw my brother who came all the way home to surprise me when I haven’t seen him in months, so I automatically started bawling my eyes out. It was a really great feeling to finally walk on the field,” Clare Majchrowicz (12) said.

Senior Night ended successfully with being named DAC champions.

“This year [the senior girls] sat down and made a goals list, and one of the goals was DAC champions. I think it’s crazy how we thought in the beginning we didn’t have a chance because we lost nine seniors, but the fact that we did it was just awesome,” Rachel Inglese (12) said.

Sharing the excitement of the girls was Coach Shawn Thomas.

“It’s just that hard work pays off. If they work hard and they have a goal and they believe in it, they can do it,” Coach Thomas said.

The sectional game will be held on Oct. 8.