Bump Out Cancer


Stephanie Spigolon (12) and Nicole Milaszewski (11) jump up to block the volleyball. The ball went over the net, but Lake Central won the point.

Jacki Hoffman

On Tuesday, Sept. 29 the volleyball team hosted the annual Bump Out Cancer event. The event was created to raise not only money for research, but to bring awareness of cancer.

“We want to create awareness for cancer because all of us have been affected by cancer in some way, shape or form. We also host this to honor those fighting and battling cancer,” Coach Tina Tinberg said.

Lake Central and the Portage Indians co-host Bump Out Cancer.

“Both [Lake Central] and Portage High School co-host this event so we’re both involved. There are also several other schools in the DAC that hosts some sort of cancer awareness event, but not Bump Out Cancer, that is our event,” Coach Tinberg said.

The atmosphere was different than the ladies’ usual games. A sense of pride urged them to play their best.

“[This game] was different. It was our Bump Out Cancer event so we wanted to win because of that,” Samantha Anderson (12) said.

The volleyball team raised money for cancer in many different ways throughout the night.

“We collect sponsorships for a month and a half prior to this event that go directly towards three cancer organizations. We also send the fire boot around during the match and we collect [money] that way as well. Tonight we have some raffle items,” Coach Tinberg said.   

The volleyball team has been successful in the past with the Bump Out Cancer event.

“This is the third year we’ve hosted and it’s been a huge success. We feel privileged to be a part of something like this,” Coach Tinberg said.

The team’s persistence paid off in the long run, leading to a win in three sets.