Striking down the Warriors


The freshmen volleyball teams prepares for the first serve of the second set against the Bishop Noll Warriors. Within the first few minutes of the set, the Lady Indians gained a substantial lead over Bishop Noll.

Sarah Bredar, Author

On Monday, Sept. 28, the freshmen volleyball team faced the Bishop Noll Warriors at home. The Lady Indians fought hard to secure the victory in both sets, with final scores of 25-6 and 25-10. As the first game of the week, the girls pushed themselves in practice to prepare for the games ahead.

“We made sure that we covered shorts and that we moved our feet a lot,” Talia Gruthusen (9) said.

In the first set against the Warriors, the Lady Indians came out as a force to be reckoned with. The Indians gained a substantial lead over Bishop Noll within the first few minutes of the game. The girls started the game off strong, but at some points their nerves overtook them.

“There were some points where I think we let ourselves get down and made some pointless errors, but I think we were able to pick ourselves back up out of that,” Hope Huenecke (9) said.

After emerging victorious from the first set, the Indians returned to the court with confidence. The players established a strong lead opposing the Warriors, but some players felt that as a unit, they could have done more.

“I feel like we could’ve pushed [with] a little more excitement, but we did pretty good,” Gruthusen said.

The next match for the Lady Indians is on Thursday, Oct. 1 against the Michigan City Wolves. The game will start at 5 p.m. and is on the Wolves’ home court.