Dunkin Donuts begin October specials


Dunkin releases its new October specials. The specials have included several varieties of Pumpkin-flavored drinks. Photo Illustration by: Cami Wallace

Brittney Howell

Dunkin Donuts introduced their new October specials on Oct. 1. There is a wide variety of selections for their customers to choose from.

“We just rolled out the new macchiatos for our customers to try. There is one called Pumpkin Macchiato, it is really refreshing. I’ve tried it and I can say it’s definitely my favorite. You can get it iced or hot,” employee Joseph Charles said.

Pastry selections that are out now include the Reese’s Peanut Butter Square donut and the Pumpkin Cheesecake Square donut. The beverage specials include the Pumpkin Macchiato, Dark

Roast Coffee and Mint Hot Chocolate.

Students also acknowledged the new October specials.

“Dunkin Donuts seasonal drinks are really good.  The pumpkin flavors are incredibly awesome,” said Dana Brownewell (10).

Employees also had much to say about the specials they are offering.

“The Dark Roast Coffee has a deeper blend than our typical drinks.  It’s blended differently but it’s very smooth. You can also get this drink iced or hot,” Charles said.

The specials will last the entire month of October. All selective items come in various sizes and prices.