Spooky students


Megan Eierman (11) and Alyssa Raymond (10) pose in their costumes while working at Lake Hills Haunted House. Both students participate in the haunted house for fun.

Lauren Davidson

In order to create the frightening atmosphere and reputation of the Lake Hills Haunted House, people volunteer to be scareactors, makeup artists or just generally help out. Many of these volunteers are students from Lake Central.  

“I’m a scareactor, so pretty much I dress up and go in the house, and I work in a room and scare people. I’m a nurse,” Kayla Cavazos (10) said.

Volunteers have enjoyed participating at the haunted house so much that they convinced other students to join as well.

“[I got started doing this because] I’m friends with one of the makeup artists, so she told me about it and said it would be cool if I started,” Megan Eierman (11) said.

Everyone helps each other improve their skills to create a better, more frightening experience for the guests.

“[My favorite part is] meeting new people, getting to scare people [and] learning new things from people who are older and have been there for a longer time,” Cavazos said.

The volunteers not only get to have a fun time doing what they love, but they also get to come together to create an unbreakable bond.
“I would recommend [working in Lake Hills Haunted House] because it’s something fun. You get to meet new people, you have a good time and it’s kind of like a family.  If you’re in [NHS], it’s community hours or it can be service hours,” Cavazos said.