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Q&A with Mr. Joesph Weil, World Language

Mr. Joseph Weil, World Language, works on putting grades into the computer. Prior to teaching at LC, Mr. Weil spent six years in the military.

Q: What classes do you teach?

A: I teach Spanish 1 and 4 and I also teach regular English 9.

Q: Since it is your first year at Lake Central, is it your first year ever teaching?

A: No, prior to [Lake Central] I taught for two years at University of South Carolina while I was getting my master’s. I was teaching Spanish at the time.

Q: How did you get into teaching?

A: I had a really good mentor when I was in high school. I had an AP language teacher who was really inspiring. Once I finished my military service and went to college, I was trying to figure out which major I wanted to study. So, I decided that English and Spanish were the best route. When I was working on my master’s degree, I had to teach in order to pay for it. For teaching, I suddenly fell into it. I definitely wanted to teach but I wasn’t sure what or which subject. Deep down, I always wanted to teach English. With Spanish, it just happened.

Q: How many years were you in the military?

A: I was in the active army for six years before I became a teacher.   

Q: Do you feel that it will be a year to remember because it is your first here?

A: I absolutely think it will be a year to remember. I did not know what to expect when I first came here, but I did know that it was a place full of good people. There was a lot of good work that could be done here [in the classroom].

Q: What do you seek to accomplish for upcoming years?

A: For every year, I want to take a group of students that I am responsible for and try to ultimately enrich their lives. I want my students to feel passionate about something being in my class. It is a hard thing to do because I remember being a teenager myself being in high school. It is hard to be passionate about this stuff because as a student, it is all you know [not being passionate]. By the time you are a teenager, you are bored with the whole school idea. The most fascinating ideas that you run into, you run into the first time when you are in high school. I am trying to help my students along with that.

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching?
A: My favorite part about teaching is that it is socially responsible work. I think everyone has a civic duty, and it is great that I work with a lot of amazing people.

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