Q&A: Jessica Salazar (11)


Jessica Salazar (11) dances with her old team. Salazar has danced since she was three years old. Photo submitted by Jessica salazar.

Austin Sandoval, Author

Q: How was your old school’s dance team compared to Lake Central?

A: “[My old school’s dance team] was a poms team. [We] also competed, but it wasn’t NDA competitions like they do here, so they weren’t as big.”

Q: Did your old team practice as much as the Centrettles do?

A: “No, [we did not]. LC practices every single day, and over there we would practice twice a week for [about] two hours.”

Q: How long have you danced?

A: “[I have danced] since I was three.”

Q: What made you want to become a dancer?

A: “I loved dancing, and I always said I wanted to be a dancer. Whenever I was at a party, you would always see me on the dance floor.”

Q: How did you hear about the Centralettes?

A: “When I was moving over here, I asked my cousin if they had a dance team. I researched it and got [the coach’s] number, and I tried out over the summer.”

Q: How much time do you put into dancing?

A: “It’s like my life. I’m [at dance] everyday. [Dance] is like my second home.”

Q: How do you prepare before practice or competitions?
A: “[I prepare by] just getting some sleep and getting pumped [up for the competition].”