Weatherproofing wardrobes

Changing into fall wardrobe is different for everyone. Everyone has displayed different styles and fashion sense for transitioning into fall clothes. Photo provided by:

Amber Stedt, Author

It’s time to pack away the sundresses, capris, and bathing suits and bring out the warm sweaters, hoodies and jeans. Transitioning into fall means new wardrobe and new looks, and some people keep it simple and comfy.

“The first day of fall I went from tanktops and shorts to sweatshirts and jeans,” Breeanna Campbell (10) said.

Other students transition into fall putting fashion first.

“In the summertime I wear tank tops. When it starts getting colder, I layer [up] with cardigans and flannels so [I] can [be] warm and still look cute,” Emily Fiorio (12) said.

Other students see the colder weather as an opportunity to flaunt their originality.
“People call me ‘Hawaiian Ryan’  because I wear Hawaiian shirts almost everyday. So when fall comes around, I wear less Hawaiian shirts and I mix it up with some flannels,” Ryan Voss (10) said.