Forget about Friday night football

Three friends spend a night hanging out and playing video games. There is no reason to feel obligated to spend a fall Friday night at a football game. Photo provided by:

Colleen Quinn, Author

There is no denying that Friday night football is a tradition for high school students; however, with a school this size, it is easy to look around the student section at a football game and see that it’s not for everyone.

“I go home [after school] and I lay on my bed until the next day,” Akram Mohammed (9) said.

Other students tend to have more eventful, non-football filled evenings which consist of going out with friends or significant others.

“I usually hang out with my boyfriend and go to El Amigo and eat queso,” Kelly Shelton (11) said.

If there is no way to go out and sleeping is not an option, there are still more alternative activities to be done on a Friday night.

“Instead of going to the football games, I head home and play some PC games with some friends,” Nathan Risse (11) said.
Just because it is a Friday night in the fall, don’t feel obligated to spend time under the bright lights at a high school football game. Just remember to have fun no matter who you spend your time with, and every Friday will be a touchdown.