Reaching the candy cut-off


There’s no definitive consensus around what age trick-or-treating should end. Although there are several different opinions on the subject, Halloween is supposed to be a happy time, so enjoy and be safe.

Lana Miramontes, Author

It is always a fun time when friends gather to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. However, some people reach a point in their life when the question arises, “Am I too old for trick-or-treating?” It seems as though people have different opinions about the time in which you should put the tricks away and start to give the candy, instead of receiving it.

“When I first see older [trick-or-treaters], I typically roll my eyes, thinking ‘oh geez, here we go’. [However], if they’re dressed up in a good costume, and they’re enjoying the spirit of Halloween, then I guess it’s okay,” Ms. Teresa Zents, Social Studies, said.

Maybe the age limit on trick-or-treating does not come from teenagers as much as it comes from the adults giving out the candy. It is possible that the apparent disappointment that may come from adults influences the way kids feel about trick-or-treating.

“If you don’t look like you’re super old then go for it, but if you look like you’re [23-years-old] then you probably shouldn’t go,” Sydney Cantrell (10) said.

Considering that the age limit is unspoken, it may be hard for people to decipher if they can go trick-or-treating. In spite of the different opinions, Halloween is supposed to be a happy time. In addition, some individuals try to take the topic lightly and do what they think is right for them.

“Everyone loves free candy and Halloween is a day for that. That being said, you’re never too old to go trick-or-treating,” Lordes Raguindin (10) said.