Deadline approaching for transcript requests


A student’s Naviance account is shown on their computer screen. Naviance is utilized to put in a transcript request.

Joey Pavell, Author

As the early application deadline for many major universities approaches, it is crucial that students request their official transcripts by Oct. 21.

“The deadline for a lot of the bigger schools for scholarship consideration is Nov. 1. To ensure that [student’s] transcripts are delivered electronically or possibly through mail by that date, we set [Oct. 21] as the limit so we can make sure everyone that is eligible for scholarship consideration has their [transcripts],” Mrs. Sherry Bereda, Guidance, said.

A student’s official transcripts are sent to schools of their choice. They allow admissions offices to view anything from a student’s GPA to grades.

“If students [need to request transcripts] they would have to come see me right away, make sure they put in a transcript request through Naviance, especially if they decide at the last minute to apply to a school. When I send [transcripts] electronically, they come back with a confirmation number, so that way even if [a school] said we didn’t get [the transcripts] yet, I can go back and say it was sent on this date. This is the confirmation and you can track it,” Mrs. Bereda said.
If students having any questions regarding college applications and deadlines, they can contact Mrs. Bereda in the Guidance Office.