Fantasy football: just another gambling mania

The world of sports is today filled in with many types of trends. So, if you think that football is just a sport, you should have a close up look to the scenario of this sport in order to see what probably many supporter don’t even see.

Football is one of the most played and loved sports in the whole globe. Every Country has its own national team and many more teams for each city and town. Football is very popular and there’s a huge industry behind the scene which controls and promotes football to earn more.

Fantasy: when imagination feeds the sport industry     

One of the most popular games concerning football is the so called “fantasy football”. It consists in wagering real money on what occurs in the football world (players who are sold and bought by teams, goals, sport events and much more).

Millions football supporters each day play fantasy football… just like it were a gambling game. Actually, there’s no difference between gambling on casino games and on football / other sport.

So, when the NFL in the US sued New Jersey to prevent it from legalizing sport betting, basically it did something really contradictory because the NFL still encourage the fantasy football game. About 10 years ago, the NFL carved out an exception for fantasy football / fantasy sports in occasion of an anti-gambling conference: that’s really ambiguous!

Money: the engine of industry

After all, if we try to think about what feeds the great engine of the sport industry, we would easily understand that’s money. Money is what makes the engine work and money is what fantasy sport games actually make. So, why should the NFL fight fantasy sports?

Similarly, even casino games are often object of criticism: it’s gambling and it’s culturally regarded to be dangerous, but then for some reason, everyone dream to visit Vegas or can really afford to go and play in a real casino.

The modern society is full of contradictions and the industry of sport and of games doesn’t really help: on the contrary, it contributes to confuse people.

The most popular games

According to recent surveys, it seems that in the web the most popular games are gambling games, followed by fantasy sport games. the gambling industry is one of the most flourishing in the world also because it can offer players a really amazing and wide range of games.

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