Hauntingly good time


Upon entering the Six Flags Great America, guests are greeted by the Columbia Carousel. Nov. 1 is the last day of Fright Fest.

Jennifer Chavarria, Author

October is the perfect time for apple-picking, jumping in leaves and haunt events. The Six Flags Great America Fright Fest is an annual event full of haunted attractions.

“It’s just a normal Six Flags day, but at 6 [p.m.], all these scary people come out, and they can follow you around. It’s fun. They just chase you,” Bianca Alessia (11) said.

Fright Fest features numerous people in costumes and face paint to add to the frightening Halloween atmosphere. These features are often a crowd favorite.

“My favorite part about Fright Fest was getting to see all the people dressed up,” Sarah Combis (11) said.

Six Flags Great America offers different types of attractions and events. The park’s intended audience is teenagers, but is open to anyone who is looking for a good scare.

“Once all the scary people came out, all the kids and families left. [It’s] mainly for teens. I wasn’t really that scared, but it was fun, ” Alessia said.

The nearest Six Flags Fright Fest is located in Chicago, Ill., and it runs until Nov. 1.