Q&A: Benjamin Klebs (12)


Benjamin Klebs (12) battles his opponent for the ball. Klebs attempted to kick the ball away from his opponent. Photo by: Sofia Hay

Kylie Thomsen

Q: How do you think the Semi-State game went?

A:  It was a good game. We were both good teams. [However, when it got] down to the wire, they ended up scoring a goal.

Q: Who did you play? Were they a difficult team to play?

A: We played Harrison. [They were] a little bit [of a difficult team to play]. They were a lot bigger than us sizewise. Their defense was really compact and just trying to get around that was kind of hard. Their offense was all right. We handled them really well.

Q: How do you think the team played overall?

A: I think we played really well, both offensively and defensively. They had a really good defense so it was hard to score. We had quite a few chances, but we just couldn’t capitalize on them.

Q: What were some of your individual strengths?

A: I think being able to stop the other team from scoring [and] coordinating where people are going on the field [are two of my strengths].  

Q: How do you feel about the way the game turned out?

A: I think the game was [balanced]. It came down to the last three minutes and they scored, but I think it was a pretty balanced game. We both had strong defenses. Overall I think we were pretty well matched.

Q: Was there anything that you think might of changed the outcome of the game?

A: It was a little rainy [which caused us to slip]. The [referees] made a couple of bad calls.

Q: How did the season go overall?

A: [Overall], the season went very well. [It was] a lot better than last season and the year before. As a captain, it was a really good season to play with these guys. [This season’s record] is the best record I’ve had in my four years here. I’ve never won a Regional [title], so I was [finally] able to.

Q: Do you plan on continuing your soccer career?

A: Yeah, I plan on playing in college. I’m not sure where yet, but I’ll hopefully get a scholarship for college and go from there.

Q: How was this season different from others?

A: This season was different mainly because as a team we were a lot closer. We were close knit, like a family. We trained hard as a team over the summer, so that helped quite a bit.

Q: Do you think this season went better than the past few seasons?

A: It definitely went better [than the past few seasons]. We tied for second this season. Last season we were tied for third. The year before that, we were dead last in conference. So it’s definitely a step in the right direction.