Q&A: Kennedy Moore (12)


Kennedy Moore (12) poses for the camera a few days after her State performance. The varsity cheerleading team went down to Lucas Oil Stadium on Oct. 31 and placed third in the state.

Emily Mannino

Q: Overall, how do you think cheerleading State went?

A: I think [State] went pretty well. It could’ve been better, but we did pretty well overall as a team. We worked together really nicely.

Q: What was it like performing at Lucas Oil Stadium?

A: It was really fun. It was nice because we got to perform in a bigger atmosphere. It was really exciting.

Q: What was it like having preliminaries and finals all in one day?

A: [The schedule] honestly wasn’t that bad because I was used to it from my freshman year. We competed twice in one day. For some of the younger girls I feel like it was definitely a tiring day.

Q: How do you think your preliminary performance went?

A: I think our [preliminary] performance actually went pretty well.

Q: How did you feel when you found out your team was going to finals?

A: I was really excited. I probably would’ve been really disappointed if we didn’t because we performed well in [preliminaries]. It would have been a big surprise.

Q: Was there anything you thought the team needed to focus on for the final performance?

A: For finals, we definitely needed to focus on our stunts because a lot of girls, especially our flyers, get nervous. Everyone gets so nervous.

Q: How do you think the finals performance went?

A: I think it went really well. We were really disappointed when we only moved up one place because we thought we did a lot better than our first performance.

Q: What place did you guys get?  Were you expecting the outcome?

A: We got third place. We were hoping to at least get higher than that, but we were happy we got medals.

Q: How were your performances on Saturday compared to other performances this season?

A: Our previous performances were fairly comparative. They weren’t worse but they weren’t better. They could have been better.

Q: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the season?

A: I am looking forward to Nationals. That’s always my favorite time. I’m probably going to cry a lot since this is my last year.