Santa’s bookshop


The book sale sign hangs in front of the project room the book sale is held in. 60 Days ‘Till Christmas was the theme of the book sale.

Jacki Hoffman

Oct. 28 was the last day of the first book sale in the new Library. It was coordinated entirely by Mrs. Elana Arens, Librarian, for the first time at Lake Central.

“I organized [the book sale] all by myself this year but, I think if I do it again, I will have the N-Teens or the National Honor Society kids help because I could use it,” Mrs. Arens said.

Students did not have set times for the book sale, unlike the middle schools and elementary schools.

“Students have made a lot of sales before school, some during lunches and when classes are in the library working in the computer labs,” Mrs. Arens said.

This book sale was set up to find book companies other than Scholastic that offer more options than the book fairs in the middle schools and elementary schools.

“I set [the book sale] up to try out Andersons and see if they’re a good source, which they are, and also to raise money. 25 percent of the sales go to the Library and can be used at my discretion,” Mrs. Arens said.

Although this was the first year, the book sale’s results were positive.
“[The book sale] has been very successful. I have been very pleased with the sales, and the kids have been very receptive. It’s been a very positive experience overall,” Mrs. Arens said.