Falling in love with fall


A dying leaf hangs off of a tree. The changing of the leaves is one of the many reasons why students enjoy fall.

Lauren Wisniewski

Fall is in full swing. With Halloween just passing and the holiday season on the horizon, many students are excited about the season and what is to come. In a poll out of 340 students, roughly 47 percent of students claim that fall is the best season of the year.

“[In fall] it’s the perfect temperature and there [are] bonfires,” Connor Fox (10) said.

Autumn is a season known for its scenery. Many students enjoy the color of the leaves as they fall off the trees. Fall is also considered to be a great season due to its cool temperatures.

“There’s days where it is hot and days where it is cold,” Nick Rivera (10) said.

Fall is also the season containing popular holidays such as the Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Halloween. It is a great time for students to spend time at apple orchards, pumpkin patches and haunted houses.