Requests made easy

The Guidance online request form is found on the homepage of The Guidance Office created an online form to save paper and students’ time.

Tabitha Pappas, Author

Some students may not know that there has been a new addition to the school corporation’s website. The Guidance Office now has an additional link on the homepage that allows students to request to visit their guidance counselor online.

“With Google Forms we were able to go in and create a form for each counselor. [The students] are the ones [who] get to fill out the information on the form,” Mrs. Melissa Rettig, Guidance, said.

The link is convenient not only for students but for the Guidance Office as well. The request can be made at any time of day, and this electronic form significantly cuts down on paper usage.

“If you are at home and you realize ‘Oh! I need see my counselor tomorrow’ you can go ahead and place the request right then and you do not have to wait until you come in the next morning [to] put in the paper request,” Mrs. Rettig said.

The Guidance Office hopes that by next semester a majority of the students will be informed of this change and begin to initiate its usage.