Decking the halls before December


In Reading, Pa., the city put up a second decorated Christmas tree on Penn Street in downtown Reading after the first one they put up was criticized for being ugly. Photo by: Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/TNS (Used with limited license)

Nicole Milaszewski, Author

While it may only be November, Christmas enthusiasts have already been ready to deck the halls.

“I just love how festive it is. I like giving people presents, I like decorating [and] I like the snow. Pretty much everything about Christmas I love,” Alexa Adams (12) said.

People often hear the sleigh bells ringing months before the actual date.

“[I start celebrating] right after Halloween is over. I think Christmas should have two full months to be celebrated,” Madelyn Long (11) said.

Letting it snow and Jack Frost nipping at their noses does not phase these yuletide lovers.

“I have to mentally prepare myself because I know although it gets cold, you’re going to get to see wonderful things,” Theodoros Karras (10) said.

Thanksgiving is often a silent night for the students who like to rock around the Christmas tree.

“Thanksgiving is a pointless holiday, no one really cares about it or looks forward to it. People just want to eat,” Adams said.

With holiday lust in their eyes, Christmas lovers never want joy in the world to end.

“I think Christmas should be year round and every single day,” Isabella Diaz (11) said.