Haunting at Kahler


Kahler Middle School is located in Dyer, Ind. Kahler is one of the three middle schools in the Lake Central corporation.

Emma DeGroot, Author

For years, there have been rumors about one of the middle schools being haunted. Mrs. Agnes Kahler, a previous principal at Kahler Middle School, is the school’s assumed ghost. Mrs. Kahler’s grave is located inside a cemetery in front of the middle school located in Dyer, Ind. Pictures of Mrs. Kahler remain hanging throughout the school. Students and staff have claimed to have experienced strange encounters, such as clocks flying off the wall.  Mrs. Leta Sena-Lopez, Arts, has told stories to her children and students of what she’s experienced throughout her time teaching at Kahler.

“It was a normal school day, and the lights in the band room kept going on and off. [Mrs. Lopez] was checking with maintenance to see if something was wrong with her room, and they couldn’t figure out what it was. Weird things were happening in her class, and she had a ton of instrument cases she was setting up, and the table collapsed. She was getting superstitious about it, so she searched online to see if there was anything significant about it. It ended up being the day Agnes Kahler died,” Leslie Lopez (12), Mrs. Lopez’s daughter, said.

Clocks have been ripped off the walls and thrown across classrooms, one hitting a teacher in the head, causing her to go to the emergency room. An electric clock in the main office flashed “HELP” with the number to Agnes Kahler’s old classroom, which does not exist anymore. Chairs have been moved in locked classrooms. Little hands were found in the main office carpets and workers were not able to get rid of them. Janitors have claimed to seeing apparitions in the hallways after school hours. Kahler Middle School is listed inHaunted Indiana” and is included in haunted tours around the region.