Getting ready for track season


Nathan Previs (10) reads a paper with all of the information about the upcoming boys track and field season. The team’s season is supposed to start in February.

Lauren Davidson, Author

On Nov. 9, all of the students interested in trying out for boys track and field gathered in room C328. The boys were eager to hear the information about the upcoming season. Although the boys shared their interest in track, their reasons for trying out for the team tended to vary.  

“[I am doing track this year] because I’ve done it since I was in sixth grade, and I like running. I enjoy participating in a competitive sport,” Nathan Previs (10) said.

There were many returning track members who came to the call out meeting, and some already had goals in place for this upcoming season.

“I hope to get my legs stronger, get in better shape so I can perform the best in my event and hopefully get past Regionals this year,” Keith Crawford (11) said.

Conditioning has already started in order to get the boys in shape and prepared for the season in February. Although the conditioning is optional, many of the boys have decided to go so they will have better results during season in their events.