Winning against the Warriors


Rachel Bell (12) fights for the ball against Bishop Noll. The aggression was very big with this game.

Stephanie O'Drobinak

The varsity girls basketball team challenged the Bishop Noll Warriors at home on Tuesday, Nov. 17. The Lady Indians conquered the Warriors with a score of 68-33.

“We worked really well together, and we just tried different things. Since we were up we just tried to work on what we needed to work on and not worry about other games,” Kylie Fehrman (11) said.

With thirty seconds until halftime, the Lady Indians received a call, giving Bishop Noll one free throw and bringing the score to 37-14. Soon after, with four seconds left on the clock, Bishop Noll scored a three pointer against the Lady Indians. Closing the first half of the game, Lady Indians lead with a score 37-14.

“It was a good game, [and] we played well. I feel like we still have a lot of room to get better. We still made mistakes that we need to fix, but it was a good win to build our confidence for Penn [High School] this weekend,” Alyssa Todd (12) said.

The second half also left the Indians in the lead. The game had a few turnovers, which caused a lot of action to take place on the court. The final score was 68-33, giving the Lady Indians another win.
“I felt the game went well, we played hard even though we had a few turnovers. We worked hard at the next practice and we’re going to keep working hard to improve more,” Meghan Long (9) said.