Q&A: Gavin Gescheidler (10)


Gavin Gescheidler (10) and his family attend a Northwestern football game. Gescheidler and his family regularly attend the football games to support their cousin Pat Fitzgerald.

Austin Sandoval

Q: How are you related to Pat Fitzgerald?

A: [Pat Fitzgerald] is my mom’s cousin.

Q: What does he do for a living?

A: [Fitzgerald] is the Head Coach [for the] Northwestern University football [team].

Q: Do you visit a lot Northwestern football games?

A: Yes, we have season tickets [to the Northwestern football games].

Q: Do you get any benefits being related to him?

A: Yes, sometimes we get free tickets to away games [thanks to our relationship].

Q:  Are you able to go on the field and in the locker room?

A:  Sometimes [we are able to]. We have [also] been on the field.

Q: Does he inspire you personally?

A: Everytime I see him [I am inspired], he always tells me to try hard in school.

Q: Do you want to follow his college path and attend Northwestern?

A: No, [Northwestern] is not the right school for me.

Q: Do you ever get to meet the players?

A: Yes, on bowl games and away games we stay at the same hotel [as the players], so we get to hangout with them.

Q: Are you close with Pat Fitzgerald?
A: Yes, I’ve been to his house a few times. He has parties, cookouts and we watch football.