Varieties of thanks


A dining room table is set for Thanksgiving dinner. The table was set prior to Thanksgiving to make more time to spend with family and friends.

Justin Andrews

Each year, on the last Thursday of November, millions of people celebrate Thanksgiving. Every family has its own traditions that recur over the years, making their Thanksgiving experience unique. Whether you eat foods unique to your cultural background or converse with your family members by a fire, it can be called a tradition.

“[Every year], the fire is on so the house smells like oranges because we throw orange peels in the fireplace. My grandma also tells us stories about her childhood,” Ayah Eid (10) said.

One popular activity that many families participate in is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together on the TV. Many people get to see family members that live in other states.

“I go over to my nana’s house, and I get to hang out with my cousins. It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year because that’s the one of the few times we’re all in the same place,” Lindsey Buchler (10) said.

Spending time with family is not only enjoyable but it is a time to catch up and reminisce on old memories. Whether you play games or just sit and talk, it can bring family members closer to each other.

“I usually drive to my cousin’s house in Illinois, and most of my family comes. The kids go downstairs to play pool, Xbox or talk while the parents are upstairs cooking and talking. Then we eat and watch the [Macy’s] Thanksgiving [Day] Parade or a movie,” Clairese Urchell (10) said.