Black Friday frenzy


Buildings up against the sky taken from ground view on Black Friday. The architecture on the builiding in Chicago has been around for a long time. Photo submitted by Allison Schuch (11).

Paige Szymczak, Author

Black Friday shopping is trending, and for some people it is a yearly tradition after Thanksgiving dinner. Whether it be at a local store, the mall or even downtown Chicago, people hunt for the best deals available.

“[My] overall [Black Friday] experience was really fun, even though it was cold and raining a majority of the time. Being downtown is always a good time. I just went in hopes of finding something for myself and others if I found something they would like,” Allison Schuch (11) said.

Schuch has been going shopping in downtown Chicago for Black Friday for the past four years. She, her mom and her neighbors went from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“It wasn’t crazy or overcrowded like people would probably expect. Since it was raining and there was protesting going on, not many people showed up. So far, for all the years I have gone, people start to get down there around nine in the morning. I spent $300,” Schuch said.

Thursday night the Southlake Mall in Hobart, Indiana, was also a very popular place to be. Eva Throckmartin (11) and her friend Jordyn Boecker (11)  have spent the last five Black Fridays shopping together at this location.
“It’s really not that bad. The longest lines are only about 10 minutes tops, so overall I enjoyed it. I think most people just think it is [crazy] because of what they hear or see on TV,” Throckmartin said.