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Q&A: Ms. Cyndi Hurley, Business

Fashion Merchandising, taught by Ms. Cyndi Hurley, Business, displays holiday outfits in the hallways. Ms. Hurley gave students tips on how to prepare for a job interview.

When preparing for a job interview, it is important that the interviewee present themselves well. Ms. Cyndi Hurley, Business, gave some tips to help prepare students for their job interviews.

Q: What is the most important aspect when preparing for a job interview?

A: The most important thing is that, when you go for an interview, [students] look clean and neat. Hair [should be brushed] nice, not all bunched up in a bun, and guys [who] wear their hair over their eyes now, kind of keep it back. Make sure clothes are neat and clean.

Q: What is the appropriate outfit to wear to a job interview?

A: It depends on where you’re interviewing. I think all students should have a good pair of pants and a white shirt because that’s kind of a universal interview outfit. Girls, if they choose to wear a skirt, it should be plain colored, and they should wear either tights or leggings or something under it with no bare legs and no open-toed shoes. Any color shirt would be fine, nothing too wild. You want to be sure it doesn’t show too much of your skin if you’re a young lady. Guys, a polo would probably be OK for most high school-type job interviews. One color, absolutely no writing on any of their clothes. It has to be pretty plain. Jewelry should be minimal, not too bold and out there. Nails should be clear or french-tipped, nothing too crazy.

Q: How should you present yourself when interviewing?

A: More important than what you wear is how they look the interviewer in the eye and are respective. They should have good posture, never slouch [and never] lean on the table or the chairs.

Q:How do you think the outfit gives the first impression?

A: We hate to admit it, but everyone notices what you look like right away. It needs to show that it is clean, you look neat, and put together, not like you just rolled out of bed. If you show up, and you’re hair is uncombed and you have clothes on that are kind of rumpled, stained or baggy, that puts you behind right away.

Q: Do you have any helpful experiences that would help kids avoid bad interviews in the future?

A: I had a student [who] interviewed somewhere around here, [whose name] I won’t say, and she did not get the job. I happened to ask who she interviewed with, I knew them, and they said by how she presented herself and what she was wearing, they just didn’t feel she was a good fit for their look or brand. [That isn’t] how they expect their employees to look. I know a lot of students have job interviews or work places where they wear a uniform, so that’s a little bit different. But for the job interview, you’ve got to be neat.

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