Expensive looking gifts for cheap prices


Traditional ornaments and the nostalgia they evoke are always in vogue during the holiday season. This hand-crafted decoration is from Ben Franklins Crafts. Used with limited license: Adrin Snider/Newport News Daily Press/MCT

Amber Stedt, Author

When it comes to shopping for friends for Christmas, many people get stumped. Do it yourself, also known as DIY, gifts are a great way to make each gift personal and festive for the upcoming holiday.

One of the most popular DIY gifts is a glittery candle. The materials needed can be found at a local craft store, making this project a quick and accessible gift for all.  Materials needed are a tea candle, glitter, a glass mason jar, a paint brush, mod podge and paint (optional).

Another easy DIY gift is a pinecone ornament. For this DIY, only four materials will be needed: glitter, spray-on adhesive, a pinecone and an ornament hook. It only takes five minutes to make this craft and it would make a great gift for Christmas.
On Pinterest you can find many other DIY crafts for the holidays.