JV boys defeat the Eagles in overtime


Jack Davis (9) jumps up to shoot a basket as three opponents surround him in efforts to stop him from scoring. In the fourth quarter, Davis made two free throws to tie the score and sent the game into overtime.

Tabitha Pappas, Author

A close game against the Bowman Eagles kept the JV boys basketball team on their toes. The game on Dec. 2 ended in overtime with a victory score of 61-57.

“I think that we played really hard. We definitely were tougher than we were in previous games,” Steven Booth (11) said. “[Overtime] motivated us to try harder to win, to stay in control and to be tough.”

Although the game had a rough start, by the end the boys were motivated by their coaches to gain control and to focus more. The team ended up achieving their initial goal.

“We did what we were suppose to do: pass the ball without making turnovers,” Kwame Walker Jr. (11) said.

This game set an example for the players to follow. The team now realizes the advantages they can use for upcoming games.

“Since we won, it will show us what being tough can do for us,” Booth (11) said.