Q&A: Kallie Higgins (11)


Kallie Higgins(11) dives off of the board. Higgins has been diving for three years. (Photo by: Paityn Emro)

Nicole Reitz

Q: How long have you been diving?

A: I have been diving for 3 years.

Q: How did you become interested in diving?

A: I was a gymnast for 8 years, and then I broke my growth plate in my wrist and my knee. My mom was a diver and she was like “hey, go try the diving team.” It’s a lot easier [than gymnastics]. I like it.  

Q: Is it strange being the only girl diver?

A: I like being the only diver, but I don’t have another girl [to dive with]. The boys keep me company.

Q: Why do you like diving?

A: It’s fun. It’s always really challenging. It’s more of a mental sport.

Q: Do you want to continue diving in the future?

A: Yes, I want to dive in college.

Q: What are you excited for this season?

A: My goal is to rake 300 points. I am in the middle of learning new dives, so I am excited to compete those [dives] at Sectionals. I want to blow away all of the coaches.

Q: Does diving ever become scary?

A: It’s really scary. It’s a really big mental sport, and there are so many little factors that play into it.

Q:Do you feel pressure being the only girl diver?

A:It’s stressful because I am the only girl and pressure is on [me].

Q: Do you swim too?

A: No, I just dive. I prefer diving.