Varsity swimming takes a loss against Penn


Maura Lake (11) swims the 500 freestyle on Dec. 12. Lake was one of five varsity girls to swim this event.

Anastasia Papanikolaou, Author

Varsity boys and girls swimming took a tough loss against Penn at home on Dec. 12. The girls ended with a final score of 139-44 and the boys with 116-67.

“Penn is a lot faster than us. They’re [a] really good [team], and there’s a lot of competition. It’s one of our most competitive meets, so it’s good to see how we compare to them and other teams in our area,” Rachel Albright (10) said.

With such a large loss, many swimmers are hoping to improve for future meets.

“I would like to improve on my butterfly swimming and work really hard on that and practice,” Albright said.

Both teams’ members feel that they will do better both individually and as a team as the season progresses.

“It was hard because one of our good swimmers, Savanna Spears (10), got sick after her first event, so we lost points there, but we had a good meet overall. There were even a couple of best times for the season. I don’t think we could improve on much [on anything else] other than to support each other more and cheer harder,” Marina Vasquez (12) said.