JV boys swimming stays strong


Aaron Schassburger (10) turns around to complete another lap of the 200 IM. Schassburger came in third place in that event.

Liz Bustamante

The JV boys swim team competed against Penn High School on Saturday, Dec. 12.  Despite their efforts, they lost to Penn by about 20 points.

Penn has been a competitor yet to defeat since last year, and the boys came in Saturday with the determination to do their best. Although they did not win, they made a great accomplishment.  

“I expected us to do much better than we did last year [against Penn], which is exactly what we did,” Christian Cavanaugh (10) said.  

The team has many strengths, one being positivity even through their losses.  

“The whole team has a good attitude and we always congratulate each other.  We are a family.  We cheer each other on and basically do everything together,” Cavanaugh said.

To keep the motivation alive, the boys unite before each meet in the locker room.  

“We rally in the locker room [before meets], and then we come out and do our chant to get pumped,” Weston Graham (11) said.
The next JV boys meet will be on Dec. 15 against LaPorte.