Indians defeat the Tigers


Freshman boys basketball players all stand under the opposing team’s basket. LC boys were playing defense.

Morgyn McAllister

The freshmen boys basketball team won against Warsaw Tigers on Friday December 11. The game was held in the upstairs gym of the freshmen center. The final score that brought home the win was 40-38.

“It was a good quality game. We won by two, but the other team was also good,” Maxwell Born (9) said.

At halftime the score was 24-19 with Indians up by two, but by the end of the third quarter the Tigers had started to catch up with a score of 28-26. Some players were content with their team’s performance, but others thought that they have played better.

“We played [badly]” said David Keric (9).

Not only were some players disappointed by the performance of players, but also by calls made by the referees during the game.

“[I didn’t agree with the referee’s calls because] they blew too many that should have been called” Maxwell Born (9).