Lake Central draft tackles the region


The draft team gathers for a team picture at the conclusion of a game on the football field at Kahler Middle School. Even though the weather permitted this to be a comfortable game, the teams will continue to play even in the snow and winter temperatures.

Tabitha Pappas, Author

Football is one of the many high school sports that often results in injury. Baseball players at Lake Central were interested in playing, but did not want to sacrifice their baseball season because of unintended injuries. Therefore, a football league was created by Lake Central freshmen who are now juniors.

“It started as Lake Central vs. Lake Central with a USA theme,” Nicholas Lucas (11) said. “This year we decided to play other schools. It all started with Andrean. Ever since then we made our Twitter page, and then every other school started making Twitter pages, and we started playing them.”

With the help of social media, the boys were able to contact other schools and get other regional teams involved. Most games are scheduled on Saturday mornings at Kahler Middle School.

“It is seven on seven, but you can roster ten, and then you just sub players in,” Dennis Collier (11) said. “You have to be in the class of 2017 and each team is only allowed three varsity football players.”

Many rules are used to keep the league fair as more and more games are played. Only half the field is used and the first team to ten wins. The three players chosen from the football team are Tyler Frank (11), Nicholas Lucas (11) and Samuel Barnhart (11).