Flipping out at the first meet


Megan Gora (12) talks to her coach before she performs on the vault. Gora landed both of her skills.

Jacki Hoffman

The first gymnastics meet of the season took place on Saturday, Jan. 9, at Valparaiso. The girls competed against six different schools with 22 pairs.

“This is a really good first competition because you’re going into everything individually and it’s not just against one team. We get to see other schools too, so we get to see a lot of people [compete],” Maya Tobin (11) said.

Many of the girls have practiced together for a couple of years. However, this season, a new member joined from a small boarding school.

“I wasn’t on the team last year. All the girls are so nice and we’re all really close now. [This team is] less pressure. I can focus on school more [because] it’s not training 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I like it a lot [more]. I can relax and have fun,” Aislinn Wade (10) said.

The girls felt they had a good meet both individually and as a team. Two pairs placed, one in 7th and the other in 10th.

“I think we did pretty great. I got my highest score on floor ever, so that was exciting. All of our pairs were really strong. We all improved a lot, and we should have a really good season,” Tobin said.

The next meet will be on Thursday, Jan. 14, at Portage.