Lake County Wrestling Championship


Maxwell King (11) holds his opponent on the floor in one of the first rounds of the tournament. The Indians took home two championship titles from the Lake County Wrestling Championship on Saturday, Jan. 9 at Hanover Central.

Sarah Bredar

In the final throws of the season, the boys wrestling team fought in the Lake County Wrestling Championship on Saturday, Jan. 9, at Hanover Central. The Indians came out strong in the competition with several wrestlers advancing in the first few rounds.

“I felt really excited because our team’s been doing really well, and we just came off a win at home on senior night,” Jacob Kleimola (12) said.

Throughout the tournament, Indian wrestlers continued to dominate their opponents and advance to the following rounds. In the quarterfinal matches, Tristan Pintor (12) emerged victorious, but like many of his teammates, he always works to improve.

“I felt really sluggish, but it’s over now and I just [have] to wrestle better. [I] just [need to work on] constantly attacking and that’s it, that’s all I need to do,” Pintor said.

At the conclusion of the tournament, only a handful of Indians were named champions in their respective weight classes. For the team’s next match against the Merrillville Pirates on Wednesday, Jan. 13, wrestlers are looking to make improvements.

“I think we need to get tougher in the third period because a lot of our guys come out real strong, but by the end, I think we need to keep attacking and being more aggressive toward the end of the match,” Kleimola said.