Fighting in the fourth quarter


Faith Maldonado (11) and Victoria Gard (12) mentally prepare for the difficult game ahead of them. It’s routine for the varsity players to do some sort of handshake with a teammate at the beginning of every game.

Colleen Quinn, Author

Anticipations for a tough game were proved appropriate when the varsity Lady Indians took on Gary’s West Side Leadership Academy on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The Indians fought hard to defend their courts and ended the game with an intense win of 79-74.

“Going into this game I knew it was going to be exciting. I knew everything was going to be fast pace and we had to come in with a good mindset [to] stay collected,” Emily Miklusak (12) said.

The Indians trailed West Side for the first three quarters of the game, but were able to make a huge jump to come back in the fourth quarter. The tension of the game showed in the screaming audience and the heat on the court.

“It was a good high school basketball game. They obviously [have] a really good player, and it took us a while to get going. Once we decided to start getting in gear I thought that we did a good job, especially in the fourth quarter. We scored around 37 points in the fourth quarter,” Coach Marc Urban, Physical Education, said.

The team had a great reaction to the win. They were proud of themselves and happy to celebrate, but they were also preparing for the next time out on the court.

“It’s definitely an emotional win. It’s good for us [because] we got a challenge. We are all very excited about it, but we all need to come in tomorrow and work even harder than we did yesterday,” Rachel Bell (12) said.