Close to the Cannon


Cameron Jarek (9) attempts to make a pass. There were many great passes throughout the game.

Morgan Grudzien, Author

The freshmen boys basketball team took a victory against the Merrillville Pirates on Jan. 21 in overtime with a score of 45-41.

“It was definitely a close game. We had some turnovers, but we rallied up together and took the win,” Isaac Beatty (9) said.  

The boys were leading with a score of 20-15 by halftime.

“This game was a lot more intense because it was a more athletic team. Knowing that they had a kid coming down from JV [made] it a lot harder,” Beatty said.

After halftime, the scores were tight. By the end of the game, the score was 39-39 resulting in overtime.

“I was hyped up [going into overtime]. My adrenaline was sky high,” Cameron Jarek (9) said.

Overall, the game was very close. However, in the end, the boys took the victory.

“I think [the game] went well. We stuck it out all the way to the end. This game had a lot more energy in the gym. You could just tell and everyone was a lot more into the game,” Jarek said.