Future career finding


300 DPI Illustration of a busy high school senior that is hopeful for her future. (Used with limited license: TNS 2016)

Ashley Kralik, Author

The options are limitless when choosing a future career, but how does one decide what they want to pursue when the path seems too hard to find?

“I’m not sure yet [what I want to pursue for a career] but I’m keeping my options open from medicine to engineering.  My possible future career plans include going into the medical field, bioengineering field or aeronautics,” Mohammed Hijaz (11) said.

There is a wide variety of classes that are offered that may help and encourage a student to accomplish their future career goals.

“I have been taking as many AP and honors classes that I can take in the school year. I am currently in AP Chemistry and AP Physics and I plan on taking AP Biology and AP Calculus. I am in many more AP classes but those are classes I choose specifically to help me do well in medical or engineering school,” Hijaz said.

In choosing a career, one must consider the opportunity for growth and change. Shadowing someone to learn about a career is an option as well.

“I was inspired by my father to look into medicine because every day he told me about the cool work doctors are doing.  Also since I was little, I have been a builder just making random things in my house, so engineering was like a second calling.  It would be cool to combine the both of them though, like in the field of bioengineering,” Hijaz said.