Super Bowl Traditons


Tapenade Mayonnaise. (Used with limited license: Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)

Austin Sandoval, Author

Once a year, families and friends gather together on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the most anticipated football game of the season. Some go to watch the big game, some go to watch the commercials and some just go for the mouth-watering food and the time they get to spend with their friends.

“For the Super Bowl, we usually go out with friends or our grandparents and hang out, have a good party, watch the game and scream and argue with each other over the game,” Aaron Chadd (11) said.

For some, the Super Bowl is a time to let their emotions run wild knowing that football will be gone for eight months.

“Traditionally we go over to my friend’s house and they have this giant TV. We’re always cheering for one team and everybody’s just excited and always screaming, and it’s crazy over there, eating food and just having a blast,” Dakota Barnett (11) said.

As big as the game is, some look most forward to the delicious food dishes that everyone brings to the parties.

“We have pizza, wings, dips, anything that we can find to eat we are eating. We consume thousands and thousands of calories on Super Bowl Day,” Barnett said.

The Super Bowl is a day full of traditions dedicated to friends, delicious food and hard-nosed football.

“We go all day, you got to get pumped and ready for the game and have a good time,” Chadd said.